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October 23, 2008

Portable Hand Chain Saw

Here is yet another option for cutting tree limbs.


The portable hand chain saw fits into a tiny canister (think chewing tobacco) and is very lightweight so it's perfect for the back country and camping. However, in the backyard or on the farm, it is also very useful. You can sneak into places an ordinary saw wouldn't be able to go such as in a corner, under a fence, or around a tree root. The blade is flexible so you can thread the blade around a limb or root, grab the handles and work the blade back and forth until it is cut through. Best of all, there's no noise, pollution or engine to maintain. The bright orange handles are a thoughtful addition to this tool, especially if you are working or cleaning up at dusk or at night.

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October 22, 2008

Bahco Foldable Pruning Saw #PG-72

If you haven't guessed, we have been busy at GardenSnob tiding up things for winter. This includes pruning dead branches and those that almost poked us in the eye every time we mowed. Obviously, in-depth pruning in the fall is a big no-no, but taking off stragglers and dead branches before they take you out is a good idea.
So, here we are again with the Bahco brand and their quality blades. This time it's a foldable pruning saw with a soft grip handle. The folding part might not seem essential but if you walk a ways to your next tree limb or shrub, stopping to pick up a load of brush or bucket of slop, or cut through the goat pasture, it sure is nice to have the saw tucked in your side pocket with the blade covered. And when you drop a few pieces of the brush and have to bend down and get them, again the covered blade is great. Amazon, you did it again! $19.79.

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October 21, 2008

Bahco North America #51-24 24"Bow Blade/Peg Tooth


I always purchase an extra blade when I buy something. Here's the blade for the Bahco bow saw. It won't add much to the bottom line, but sure is convenient when you are in the middle of a job and want a sharper blade.

From Amazon for $6.01.

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October 20, 2008

Bow Saw - Bahco North America #10-24-51 24" Ergo Grip

The bow saw is a necessary tool on any farm or homestead. When I was trimming a few maple branches the other day with my pruning saw, boy did I wish I had one of these. It cuts almost as fast as a chain saw.
There is no better saw than the Bahco Ergo Grip Bow Saw. Formerly Sandvik, the Bahco brand is synonymous with quality. In fact, in 1996, Bahco introduced (they also hold the patent) Superior handsaws, a new and revolutionary tooth geometry - Xt - that saws faster than other handsaws, and has a coating of the blade that reduces friction considerably. I especially like the knuckle protector and the snap on blade protector that come with this one. Blades are replaceable so you don't have to deal with sharpening as you do with a chain saw.

Yes, this Bahco saw is twice the money of the Fiskar's saw but if you only want to buy your tools once, this is still a bargain at $15.96. Believe me, the other day, I'd have paid $35 for one on the spot.

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October 18, 2008

Luster Leaf Rapitest Dial Compost Thermometer #1635


Now that you've read, Let It Rot, and you are thoroughly hooked on composting, you'll want your own thermometer to measure the temperature in your compost pile. The Luster Leaf Compost Thermometer is made of stainless steel and is 19" long. Knowing the temperature of the compost can help you decide when to water, when to add more material and when to aerate or turn the pile.

This thermometer can also be used in the spring to test soil temperature before you plant seeds and for checking hay bales (if they are warm, they have too much moisture and could eventually self-combust).

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October 8, 2008

Pro Chainsaw Pro Helmet Assembly


Kill 3 birds with one helmet assembly. The Pro chainsaw helmet assembly protects your head, eyes and ears, all with one piece of gear. This is much easier than having safety goggles, ear protectors and a helmet that might not fit well together. Also, you won't be tempted to skip the goggles or ear protectors because they are all attached to the helmet. Nice bright color is also easy to locate.

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October 7, 2008

Pro Chainsaw Wrap-Around Chaps


These chaps are a must-have for anyone who uses a chain saw, even if you aren't a professional woodsperson or don't have 6 cords of wood to cut for the winter. They are designed to unravel into the saw and stop the blade before it cuts your leg.

I've seen them displayed at a tractor store with the material tangled around the chain bar as a frightening way of encouraging people to wear their safety equipment. (The guy was okay, thanks to his chaps).

The bright orange color is another safety feature so you can be spotted easily by hunters or emergency personnel. This is a bargain at $62.75, especially with the high cost of prosthetics these days.

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October 6, 2008

Makita 12-Inch 11.5-AMP Electric Chain Saw


This little saw looks like just the right size for backyard chores of trimming and cutting down a few trees. There's no struggling with a 2-cycle engine or dealing with a gas/oil mix either. Weighing 9.5 lbs, it's well suited to the smaller person who is tired of asking someone else to cut things for them (as long as the steel toed boots, chaps and safety glasses are worn).

If you have a few trees that need to come down, or one that needs cutting after falling down, consider purchasing this saw rather than hiring someone else to cut the wood. You'll save money (the Makita goes for $192.00) and have a great tool for the future.

However, all chainsaws can kick back and if you've never used one, consider having an experienced person with you when you first try it. Another source for safety tips is Kevin K. Eckert's book, Chain Saw Safety and Field Maintenance: A Photo Guide.
It is loaded with pictures and information on how to safely operate a chain saw. Available at Amazon for $39.95, which is a lot cheaper than buying a new leg or arm.

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October 1, 2008

Full-Size TuffDuck Carry-All - Black w/ Khaki Trim


It's getting to be that firewood hauling time of year. After getting stabbed in the thighs countless times last year, we've decided to invest in a log carrier that doesn't have the reinforcing rods along the sides. They poked through the fabric within the first week of use and then poked us and/or the door as we entered with a heavy load.

So, this year we've decided to try this great carrier from Northline Express for $32.50 plus shipping. Or you can go to Plow and Hearth and pay $39.95 for the same thing. This carrier looks like it can hold more than I can carry and it'll also stand up on its own for easy loading and unloading. Because of the high sides, it can also be used for gardening supplies, newspapers, knitting projects, livestock feed and even a chicken or piglet.

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September 26, 2008

Jiffy Heated Greenhouse


This is a great seed starter that can be reused again and again. Comes with a tray, peat pots, plug-in heat mat, and a dome to cover the tray. Great for planting some herb seeds - basil, parsley, cilantro, chives - now for using through the winter. After the seeds sprout and outgrow the peat pot, plant them - pot and all - into a bigger pot and set on a sunny windowsill.

In the spring, this is a great tray to start your tomatoes and peppers in. The Jiffy Heated Greenhouse is available at Amazon for $43.99. In the past, I've purchased a heated mat alone at a garden center for about the same price so this is a good deal.

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