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January 5, 2010

Hen-Feathers Boutique Thistle Thermometer adds an antique look to the garden decor


I'm in the market for a new thermometer. The old one is hanging on the locust tree in front of the cabin where it has been for 20 years. It's one that you use a magnet to return temperature so that you can see the change every day. I always forget to do that and I'm not even sure if the thermometer works. So I'm thinking of something simple that I don't have to manage. This thermometer by Hen-Feathers looks really cool. It has an antique look in hand cast copper and if I hang it on the tree outside the window, I can see the temperature easily.

At Hen-Feathers 73370HWTB 7-1/4-Inch High by 4-1/4-Inch Wide by 1-1/2-Inch Deep Boutique Thistle Thermometer

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December 29, 2009

10" Copper Plant Markers will mark where the bulbs are planted

This is a good time to get the tulip and daffodil bulbs planted and these copper plant markers will let you know where you put them. Here in New England our neighbor was planting tulips remarking that the squirrels would probably dig them up and eat them which in Boston is probably true. I have the problem of planting bulbs and then when planting something else, discovering I have sliced the bulbs in half, ruining them. Sad to say, I"m too lazy to make my own plant markers, and so must buy them ready made. These are made of plastic and have a space at the top to label the variety.

At 10" Copper Plant Markers - 5 pack

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December 15, 2009

Tall Tulip Garden Lantern Feeder provides both food and entertainment


The lantern feeder holds 6 pounds of seeds and lets you see when the feed is getting low. My aunt who lived to be 92 loved this bird feeder. It gave her hours of enjoyment watching from her kitchen window and she only had to fill it once every three weeks. The birds came all winter long. This is a great gift for the bird lover or someone who delights in nature.

At Birdscapes® 366 Tall Tulip Garden Lantern Feeder, 6 lb capacity (Colors May Vary)

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November 27, 2009

Arrow Red Barn Shed will protect garden tools all winter


If you're like me, when I start to bring in all the garden tools, the rototiller, the shovels, rakes and hoses, I am dismayed to find, there is no room for them or for me in the tool shed. Instead of piling tools on top of the rototiller and jamming the hoses inbetween shelves why not treat yourself to this 10' by 8' shed? This shed offers a huge amount of headroom and is great for organizing many types of large lawn and garden tools, equipment, It is shaped like a barn and is red and made from galvanized steel.

At Arrow Red Barn Shed - 10ft. x 8ft.

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November 11, 2009

Hearth & Garden Stack of Chairs Cover makes storing them easy

41yqWgTdx9L._SL500_AA280_.jpgNow here's a great idea. Every get tired of putting away the stackable chairs and then having to bring them out and clean them next spring. I store mine under the back porch roof and they come out covered in debris that makes me scrub them down again. This stackable chair cover should protect the chairs, keep the water off, and let you bring them out as clean as they were when you put them in. It's made of PVC coated polyester that resists cracking, fading, or scratching your furniture.

At Hearth & Garden Stack of Chairs Cover

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October 12, 2009

PlantHouse looks great, is easy to set up and will keep your tender plants alive.


This portable, pop up greenhouse is perfect for extending your growing season and protecting your plants.The greenhouse set up the easiest it has ever been. Screened vent openings allow for air circulation and closing the vents will promote and maintain high humidity levels. The PVC material is UV resistant for longer life. Solar heat from the sun heats your greenhouse during the day while an electric heater will be needed on freezing nights or in cloudy or snowy conditions. Folds up easily into a compact storage carry bag and includes shade cover, stakes, high wind tie downs and free storage bag with sholder strap.

At PlantHouse 5' Clear

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October 5, 2009

Agribon extends the growing season so you enjoy your summer crops longer


The first frost is expected this week and one of the ways to extend the season of your tender plants like tomatoes or beans is to cover the rows with Agribon. Agribon row covers are a better value than similar products because Agribon row covers are heavier, tougher covering, at the same time letting in light and keeping the plants warmer.

  • Agribon AG-19 row covers provides up to 4┬║F + frost protection for valuable, frost sensitive perennials and sensitive vegetables.

  • Safe guards against early and late frosts.

  • Prolongs growing seasons and increases yields.

  • Excellent wind and insect control.

At Agribon

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August 31, 2009

Green Arbor Kids Watering Can Kit


A great gift to get the kids involved in gardening. The easy to follow instructions come in the form of a coloring book.

  • Contains "guaranteed to germinate" a Ferry-Morse seed packet and Jiffy peat pellets for growing success!
  • Cute galvanized watering can is a usable gardening tool for many years to come!
  • Easy to understand instructions for even the youngest novice gardener!

At Green Arbor Kids Watering Can Kit

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August 11, 2009



It's very important to protect yourself from too much sun especially during intense summer days. This hat will do the trick. The wide brim protects the face and neck and has a UPF of 40. It's polyester and crushable and can take the wear and tear of garden work and still look great if you get company or have to run to the store.


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August 10, 2009

Orbit 62015 2-Dial Timer for ease of programming

41KoK58SXqL._SL500_AA280_.jpgI'm still hunting for the perfect timer. I just got this one from Orbit and in spite of the large page of programming instructions, this timer was easy to use. Just punch in time of day, and the time you wish the watering to start. Then set two dials for duration of watering and frequency. So far it has worked perfectly and is getting that hard to reach, neglected part of my garden!

At Orbit 62015 2-Dial Hose Faucet Control Timer

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