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February 24, 2010

Stacker Flower Pot is a great early season garden


This planter comes in three section each one with three pockets to be filled with soil and a plant. You can hang it or stack each section on top of the other which makes it very versetal. It comes with a chain for hanging and shipping weight is 15 pounds which makes me think that when it's filled with soil, it's going to be heavy so if you intend to hang it, better fasten it to something sturdy. I would also go nicely on countertop, deck or balcony. It is 11" in diameter and will be two feet tall and strong enough to hold herbs, strawberry plants or even tomatoes.

At Stacker- Stackable/Hangable All Season Planter- Indoor/Outdoor Stacking Flower Pot- Great Gardening Gift Idea For A Gardener.

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February 23, 2010

Greenhouses can be made of second hand material

One of the top gardeners in our town, and it is a place noted for gardening, built their own green house out of used building materials. They got old windows from a friend who was remodeling their house. They cut some poles from small trees that had died and picked up some lumber from another building site. Often contractors are willing to let you have used lumber and windows if you will haul them away. It saves the contractor some time and money.

You also don't have to be a wonderful carpenter to put together a building for a greenhouse. The roof can be fiberglass which lets light in and is very lightweight so you don't need a strong frame to support a heavy roof. The sides can be build entirely of windows nailed or supported by a wood frame. This greenhouse had old masonite tacked on the shade side of the structure to add support.

This first photo shows seedlings that they are growing under a grow light in the attic. The light is on a timer and comes on when the sun no longer shines on the plants. The grow light is why the color in the photo is so orange.

Notice how they planted with such care to give each seedling enough space so that when they are transferred to larger pots or into the soil, their roots will not be entangled and each plant can be lifted separately with the soil and roots intact.

Here is their cludged together greenhouse. Note the organic potting soil stacked in front. IMG_1177.JPG

They have hanging shelves in the greenhouse to discourage a inquisitive and hungry mouse from deciding that the little broccoli look very tasty.IMG_1180.JPG

This post is to encourage you to create your own greenhouse. You can recycle materials and although the outcome may look like early American ramshackle, it will do the job and you can have all the young plants you need to garden with, grown by your own hand. If on the other hand, you just want to put up something that will work and is guaranteed to last for a decade or more, and if money is no object, here is the quick fix.

Rion Greenline 6- By 8-Foot Backyard Hobby Greenhouse

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February 22, 2010

Horticultural Vermiculite makes room for seedling roots


For those of you making up your own growing medium for seeds, this vermiculite is a good buy. As a growing medium horticultural vermiculite improves drainage, provides aeration, stores moisture, and prevents compaction, and its safe and easy to use. Furthermore, it is very light and so shipping will be minimal.

At Vermiculite Horticultural Grade 18 Qt Bag

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February 18, 2010

EarthBox Garden Kit simplifies growing in a small space


This is a good looking planter that comes in both green and terracotta. It's perfect for the patio, sunny window or apartment balcony. The EarthBox measures 30 by 13-1/2 by 12 inches (l x w x h) for a soil capacity of 2-1/2 cubic feet. The box rests on four wheels and easily rolls into full sun and then moves to the back row so another Earthbox or your favorite potted flower can get sum rays. The growing kit includes fertilizer, dolomite, and two germination covers for jumpstarting your garden so they have tired to take the guess work out of starting seeds and growing plants. The box is UV protected, and it's recyclable.

At EarthBox RB-EB-GRN-PBB Garden Kit

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February 11, 2010

Stargazer Lily Collection blooms and is fragrant all summer


Day lilies, as opposed to dahlias, are easy to grow and are hardy over most of the US, from zones 3-11. This jumbo pack has 12 lilies of three different varieties in pink and white. They grow quite tall so plant them in against the fence or in the back of the border as they get as tall as 24" to 40". They are perennials and can also be grown in containers and make great cut flowers. Plant them 4" to 6" and space them a foot apart, sprinkle fertilizer and you're good to go. Only $23 from Holland Bulb Farms.

At Holland Bulb Farm

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February 8, 2010

Gurney's Catalogue has it all

Gurney's Seed and Nursery company is located right smack in the midwest and carries every aspect of seed and plant and supply that a gardener needs. They have no particular ideology other than supplying what they consider to be the most reliable and the best. They have both heirloom and hybrid varieties. They sell fruit and nut trees as well as vines and shrubs, hedges and grasses. They have house plants and windbreaks, just about anything you could possibly want.


They are promoting a sweet corn called "You gotta have it" which they claim is the sweetest and stays the sweetest longest of any corn you can grow. It is hybrid but not sugar enhanced. One feature I like about their online catalogue is that they include comments from growers who have tried the seed and the comments are negative as well as positive. For example, after reading the growers comments you have a good idea that you need to wait to plant it until the soil is really warmed up--trying to rush the season will most likely end in failure or at least poor germination. This is a very helpful section for anyone interested, like me, in giving this sweet corn a try.

At Gurney's Catalogue

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February 1, 2010

Burpee Seed Starting is an all in one system for a great price


Burpee's most advanced seed starting system is guaranteed to grow bigger and better seedlings every time. I'm not sure what that means, but it has been developed by Burpee and is an all-in-one kit that has everything you need to start growing seeds. It is easy to set up and requires less maintenance and watering than other systems.

The transparent cover retains heat and moisture to get your seeds up and growing fast and a capillary mat draws water from the bottom tray reservoir and feeds it to each cell evenly. Roots don't stick to mat as in other systems and the bottom tray holds plenty of water so your seeds stay healthy and you don't have to water as often. Plus, it is a large 72-cell tray which makes it easy to start all your seeds in one unit and it's reusable so all in all it sounds like a great deal for the price.

At Burpee Ultimate Seed Starting System

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January 26, 2010

Easy Sprout Sprouter lives up to its name


There are tons of sprouters on the market, but this one gets all rave reviews. You can grow a pound of tasty sprouts with little or no rinsing. The Easy Sprout Sprouter is a unique quart size dual container system that uses heat from sprouts to circulate fresh humidified air by convection. It stores easily in the fridge and is stackable, durable and easy to clean made from plastic that is food safe. It comes with instructions and a 30-day love it or return it guarantee and everyone says that you will love it.

At Easy Sprout Sprouter - Easy & Fast Way to Grow Fresh Salad Sprouts in Your Own Kitchen - Grow Alfalfa, Mung Bean, Brocolli, Radish, Red Lentil, Green Lentil, Clover, & More.

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January 22, 2010

Container Lettuce Seeds are small succulent Butterhead

41f7HXVtOwL._SL500_AA280_.jpgHere's a seed to start now even as more snow flies in Boston. These butterhead lettuces are small. They grows only to heads of 5 or 6 inches but they are perfect for container growing and work well for individual salad presentations. They have a soft sweet taste and smooth texture. They can be harvested early to a lovely addition to a regular salad.

At Container Lettuce Seeds - Garden Babies Butterhead E

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January 20, 2010

Meyer Lemon Tree is easy to grow and produces great fruit


A Meyer lemon is a lovely plant and grows nicely in containers and outside in zones 8-11 Fragrant flowers produce thin skinned, juicy lemons year round. They are different than conventional lemons in that the taste is more sweeter, and less acid. The rind is thinner and more orangish in color than typical lemons. The tree is evergreen and needs full sun or a sunny room in the house. It grows to about 8 to 10 feet tall, or can be pruned to be shorter.

At Meyer Lemon Tree One Gallon by Monrovia Growers

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