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February 8, 2010

Gurney's Catalogue has it all

Gurney's Seed and Nursery company is located right smack in the midwest and carries every aspect of seed and plant and supply that a gardener needs. They have no particular ideology other than supplying what they consider to be the most reliable and the best. They have both heirloom and hybrid varieties. They sell fruit and nut trees as well as vines and shrubs, hedges and grasses. They have house plants and windbreaks, just about anything you could possibly want.


They are promoting a sweet corn called "You gotta have it" which they claim is the sweetest and stays the sweetest longest of any corn you can grow. It is hybrid but not sugar enhanced. One feature I like about their online catalogue is that they include comments from growers who have tried the seed and the comments are negative as well as positive. For example, after reading the growers comments you have a good idea that you need to wait to plant it until the soil is really warmed up--trying to rush the season will most likely end in failure or at least poor germination. This is a very helpful section for anyone interested, like me, in giving this sweet corn a try.

At Gurney's Catalogue

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January 25, 2010

White Flower Farm Garden Catalog - The Garden Catalog


The White Flower Farm catalog comes from Connecticut and is filled with the most lovely perennials you are likely to find anywhere. They ship both perennials and annuals all over the country, specializing in bulbs and plants, ignoring seeds altogether, which makes them unique. They have a great daffodil mix of 100 bulbs for $49 and promise that after the first great year of blooms the plants will self propagate year after year. There is a unique daylily collection of 50 in varied colors shipped bareroot for $99.

The catalog has a kichen section with a beginners garden of tomaotes, peppers, cucumers, and squash, nine plants for $59. The plants come to you when the temperature is right for you location. They offer herbs, mushrooms, fruits and berries,
There is a whole section on flowers just for planting in containers. There are gorgeous peonies and dahlias and page after page of annuals and perennials.

All together this is a fascinating catalog and well worth perusing. I'm thinking of the daffodil "The Works" for my home.

At White Flower Farm Garden Catalog

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January 6, 2010

Narcissus Ziva Paperwhites planted now, bring spring blossoms or they can be forced indoors


If the ground thaws and you can get outside to plant, these narcissus will make you smile in the spring. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated in the winter when it's really cold out, but a little effort is worth the while. Don't forget you can also force the bulbs indoors. And these have a lovely fragrance that will fill the house.

The steps for forcing narcissus are very easy:

Get a shallow pan. One good size is 12 inches wide and 1 to 2 inches deep, but almost any size will do. Then fill the dish with small pebbles or gravel and cover the stones with water. You then put the bulbs in the pan, the pointed side up, and be sure the bottom of the bulbs is sitting right on the pebbles. Put the dish in a warm, well-lighted indoor location, such as a sunny window. Keep the stones constantly wet. Paper-whites will usually bloom in about six weeks. After blooming, if the soil is not frozen, plant the bulbs outdoors and keep them moist.

At Narcissus Ziva Paperwhites, 10 bulbs - 17+cm

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January 4, 2010

OXO Good Grips Quick Release Gardening Bulb Planter both punches the hole and covers the bulb

For those of us with weather suitable for bulb planting, this tool will help make the job easy. You push and twist the Bulb Planter into soil then pull it back out, leaving the perfect hole for planting. After the bulb is in place, use the Planter's Quick Release lever to replace the soil back into the hole. The planter is constructed of heavy gauge, chrome plated carbon steel, and it features an extended handle that is wide enough to fit two hands for added strength when plunging into soil. The Planter's gripping areas are soft, comfortable and non-slip even when hands are wet. The Bulb Planter also features a tooth pattern specially designed for easily penetrating and twisting through soil. Use the stamped in, easy-to-read standard and metric measurement markings on both sides of the Bulb Planter to plant at precise depths.

At OXO Good Grips Quick Release Gardening Bulb Planter #1068280

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December 29, 2009

10" Copper Plant Markers will mark where the bulbs are planted

This is a good time to get the tulip and daffodil bulbs planted and these copper plant markers will let you know where you put them. Here in New England our neighbor was planting tulips remarking that the squirrels would probably dig them up and eat them which in Boston is probably true. I have the problem of planting bulbs and then when planting something else, discovering I have sliced the bulbs in half, ruining them. Sad to say, I"m too lazy to make my own plant markers, and so must buy them ready made. These are made of plastic and have a space at the top to label the variety.

At 10" Copper Plant Markers - 5 pack

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November 19, 2009

Amaryllis Growing Kit makes a great gift for the holidays

Amaryllis grows well indoors in the winter and this kit provides everything you will need to produce huge, brilliant colored flowers to brighten your home. The flowers can be 8" across and you have your choice of red, white, or appleblossom. Complete instructions are included. You can get successive year's blooms. I've grown these many times and never been disappointed. They make a great gift and are lovely at Christmas.

At Amaryllis Growing Kit - Great Gift - CHOOSE COLOR!

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November 5, 2009

Mixed Darwin Hybrid Tulip 100 Bulbs


Here's a dazzling mix of colorful tulips you could get in the ground right now for showy spring blooms. They will grow 18" to 24" tall and bloom in mid to late spring. The price is right and you get 100 bulbs!

At Mixed Darwin Hybrid Tulip 100 Bulbs - Great Colors-EASY

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November 2, 2009

Peony Sarah Bernhardt is a beautiful classic flower for the garden


It's not too late here in warmer climates to plant some peonies. I love them. They remind me of my grandmother's flower garden and the bright June sun and the huge blooms. I was always fascinated by the ants which crawled over the buds. This Sarah Bernhart Peony is a classic. It is tall when mature and a late season bloomer which will produce tons of flowers.

At Peony Sarah Bernhardt - One 3/5 Eye Rhizome

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October 14, 2009

Plant this Deer Resistant Collection Now for Spring Blooms


The deer around my house are beautiful but terrible pest as they have a taste for flowers. Here is a deer resistant collection of tulip, narcissus, and anemone bulbs that will work well in partial shade to full sun. Their sizes vary and so do the blooming times so that you have color from early spring to late spring. These flowers are easy to grow and you get 35 of them in this boxed collection.

At NEW! Deer Resistant Collection -35 Bulbs- Spring Blooms

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October 2, 2009

Spanish Roja Garlic is an heirloom variety carried by Territorial Seed

Now is the time to put in some garlic which will over winter and be harvested in the summer. Growing great garlic is quite easy. Few pests bother garlic and it can be planted now and in October and in the south as late as November or even mid winter. When spring growth begins, fertilize and water as needed. If your soil is fertile, keeping the row weed free is about the only chore connected with harvesting some tasty bulbs to dry and flavor your favorite dishes.

At Spanish Roja Garlic

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