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November 30, 2009

Ames True Temper Clog-Free Leaf Rake is the tried and true way to clean the yard of leaves

The leaves have just about completely fallen. I don't clean up around the house until they're all down. I usually rake the leaves onto a tarp and pull it to the compost pile. I prefer the hand rake method to the leaf blower the noise of which makes me crazy as well as the use of more gas and oil. Besides it's good exercise and Ames has a child's rake so that you can share some time with a small helper and enjoy their company.

At Ames True Temper Clog-Free Poly Leaf Rake With 48-Inch Cushion Grip Wood Handle #1906500

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November 27, 2009

Arrow Red Barn Shed will protect garden tools all winter


If you're like me, when I start to bring in all the garden tools, the rototiller, the shovels, rakes and hoses, I am dismayed to find, there is no room for them or for me in the tool shed. Instead of piling tools on top of the rototiller and jamming the hoses inbetween shelves why not treat yourself to this 10' by 8' shed? This shed offers a huge amount of headroom and is great for organizing many types of large lawn and garden tools, equipment, It is shaped like a barn and is red and made from galvanized steel.

At Arrow Red Barn Shed - 10ft. x 8ft.

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November 25, 2009

Springfield Aquarius Metal Clock with Thermometer is stylish and useful


Beautiful and practical, this clock and thermometer, placed by a window, will tell you the time and you don't have to step outside.

  • Metal frame construction with painted copper finish
  • Weather resistant housing with glass lens to prevent clouding
  • Design coordinated ABS pointer and clock hands
  • Precison quartz clock movement
  • Precision made thermometer coil for accurate readings
At Springfield Precision Instruments 14" Aquarius Metal Clock with Thermometer
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November 23, 2009

NEPTUNE Portable Green Grow Hot House lets you garden in winter


Year-round gardening becomes possible with this portable greenhouse. A transparent plastic covering keeps the heat and lets the light in. The wire grid shelving is easy to assemble and there is a roll-up door for efficient access. It requires no tools and instructions for assembly are included. This will work by a window in a garage, or by a sunny wall, on an unheated porch where you can start your seedlings early or overwinter you favorite plants.

At NEPTUNE 4-Tier Mini Portable GREENHOUSE Green Grow Hot House

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November 20, 2009

Before snow fatigue sets in, treat yourself to the solution


Poulan Pro 24-Inch Gas Powered 2-Stage snow throwers are built like a tank and balanced for heavy snow. They have easy out of the box set up (10 minutes), long life and are easy to service. This may be for you if you're dreading the snowfall this winter and the shoveling work in the driveway and sidewalks. There are several models. This one is a pull start. There is an EZ power steering system and easy service for transmission and belts. Super-slow speed for heavy and deep snow. The electric start models are more expensive; this model is slightly reduced.

At Poulan Pro PR6R24 24-Inch 208cc Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Thrower (Non-CARB Compliant) #961920028

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November 19, 2009

Amaryllis Growing Kit makes a great gift for the holidays

Amaryllis grows well indoors in the winter and this kit provides everything you will need to produce huge, brilliant colored flowers to brighten your home. The flowers can be 8" across and you have your choice of red, white, or appleblossom. Complete instructions are included. You can get successive year's blooms. I've grown these many times and never been disappointed. They make a great gift and are lovely at Christmas.

At Amaryllis Growing Kit - Great Gift - CHOOSE COLOR!

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November 18, 2009

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruner has a rotating handle for ease of use

Fiskars made these pruners with a handle that rotates so that you can squeeze the pruners as you cut which is easier on the hand. They are made for small to medium hands and I like the way the pruners feel and the cutting is smooth and clean. It cuts through 3/4" easily with out strain and the blades have a non stick coat. I only wish Fiskar's had provided a small diagram with labeled parts so that the mechically challenged, like me,could know the blade changing screw from the lock. But it works as advertised. It helped me prune the suckers off the ancient apple tree I'm trying to tame without tiring my hand. Thanks to Fiskars for sending us these to review.

At Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruner #7937

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November 17, 2009

Outdoor Decor Jiggle Wings Turkey is a fun holiday decoration


Here's a fun way to celebrate the holidays! Your own turkey that jiggles and has wings that flap in the wind. There is an optional stand so you can also put it on your patio, porch or even indoors. Regal Gift has a whole line of holiday Garden Stake products to brighten your day and entertain passersby.

At Garden Stake 3D Metal Outdoor Decor Jiggle Wings Turkey (31H) (F367) by Regal Gift

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November 16, 2009

E-Z Compost Bin keeps the compost pile high and hot


In my yard, I'm tried many ways to make compost. I built a wooden bin nicely located so that I could throw in the garden and yard scraps outside the garden and shovel the finished compost out of the bin inside the garden. Very clever. Within a week, the bear had torn the bin apart and I had to fix the fence besides. So I like just to throw out my kitchen scraps and cover it with leaves. This compost bin will help keep the compost from spreading over an area too large for it to heat up. This 36 inch square by 30 inch high bin holds a full 22.5 cu ft. PVC coated steel wire panels with easy slip-in rods at the corners for quick assembly.

At E-Z Compost Bin

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November 13, 2009

Strathwood Rubber Scroll Doormat is stylish and practical


This is a classy looking door mat and perfect for leaving the yard and garden dirt and leaves behind as you step into the door. It's made of rubber, but looks like wrought iron and won't slip or blow away in heavy winds. Doormat measures 18 inches by 30 inches and also comes in a rectangular shape.

At Strathwood Rubber Scroll Doormat

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November 12, 2009

Florist In A Box for winter color and table decoration


If you're a little bummed that the growing season is over, this should cheer you up. Florist In A Box flowers grow and bloom for months. The AeroGarden 3 uses the simple, Plug & Grow system to grow flowers fast and reliably, guaranteed. No dirt, weeds or mess. It's so easy that anyone, with or without gardening experience, can grow lush, beautiful flowers. Simply add water, drop in the pre-seeded grow pods, turn it on and watch it grow.

The kit comes with a set of 3 attractive vases specially designed for the Plus & Grow seed pods. Flowers can be put in the vases for up to 24 hours, then returned to the AeroGarden. Also, the entire bowl can be removed and placed in an included wicker basket and used as a centerpiece. The kit comes complete with everything you need and a fully illustrated guide.

At AeroGarden 900120-1250 Florist In A Box

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November 11, 2009

Hearth & Garden Stack of Chairs Cover makes storing them easy

41yqWgTdx9L._SL500_AA280_.jpgNow here's a great idea. Every get tired of putting away the stackable chairs and then having to bring them out and clean them next spring. I store mine under the back porch roof and they come out covered in debris that makes me scrub them down again. This stackable chair cover should protect the chairs, keep the water off, and let you bring them out as clean as they were when you put them in. It's made of PVC coated polyester that resists cracking, fading, or scratching your furniture.

At Hearth & Garden Stack of Chairs Cover

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November 10, 2009

Sprout Master Triple Sprouter gives fresh vegetables all winter


If the frosts have come and you're indoors longing for some fresh vegetables, I suggest a sprouter lie this one might make you smile. Sprouts contain few if any calories and no cholesterol and are one of the highest sources of fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins, proteins, trace minerals and nutrients necessary for a long healthy life. This Sprout Master has the following advantages over other sprouters: several trays can be stacked with the lid in place without losing necessary air circulation; the rectangular shape allows for much better cabinet and refrigerator storage; a removable divider in the middle makes it possible to grow a half crop, a full crop or two different crops at the same time. With a lid placed under the bottom as a drip tray and a lid placed over the top, your sprouts will stay crisper longer in the refrigerator without losing vitamins or souring. Disassembles quickly for easy cleaning. These trays measure 8 inches x 10 inches.

At Sprout Master Triple Sprouter

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November 9, 2009

The Experiment in Aphid Control Continues

41mw5vQT94L._SL500_AA280_.jpgAphids have an unfair advantage. I've just read the life cycle of aphids and discovered that if the food source dwindles, they can grow wings and fly off to find new sources. Furthermore, they can reproduce by parthnogenesis and give live birth to a smaller version of themselves. I think I have to take them more seriously!

So I sprayed one aphid infested plant with Green Light Home and Garden Insect Spray and indeed there are less aphids on the plant. Definitely a partial success. But now I'm thinking I have to do all the kale and the broccoli to keep the aphids from migrating to new plants. Freezing weather does not seem to be a problem for them.

Check it out - it will make you weep.

At Green Light Organic Bioganic Home & Garden Insect Contol Spray - 24 oz Spray #80224

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November 6, 2009

Let it Rot!: The Gardener's Guide simplifies composting for you


Here is a very down to earth book about the process of turning garden and yard waste into compost. The book is comprehensive and detailed but never looses its humorous and clear instructions. It explains what you need to make compost work quickly and is a good book for winter reading.

At Let it Rot!: The Gardener's Guide to Composting (Third Edition) (Storey's Down-to-Earth Guides) (Paperback)

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November 5, 2009

Mixed Darwin Hybrid Tulip 100 Bulbs


Here's a dazzling mix of colorful tulips you could get in the ground right now for showy spring blooms. They will grow 18" to 24" tall and bloom in mid to late spring. The price is right and you get 100 bulbs!

At Mixed Darwin Hybrid Tulip 100 Bulbs - Great Colors-EASY

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November 4, 2009

Green Light Organic Home & Garden Insect Contol Spray is tested on aphids


This time of year, aphids attack the kale and broccoli which I have left in the ground to overwinter. The Russian Kale plants let me know they are suffering by curling over. Sure enough when I inspect, they are covered with grey aphids. Now I love this kale. It is one of the sweetest kales, and I can harvest it all winter so it's upsetting to loose plants to aphids now. I have pulled plants that seemed totally infested, but decided to try Light Green Organic Insect Spray on a few plants and see if it did the job. I sprayed today. I like the fact that this spray can be used up to the day of harvest. I'll report back in a few days to see if the spray worked.

At Green Light Organic Bioganic Home & Garden Insect Contol Spray - 24 oz Spray #80224

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November 3, 2009

Fiskars Stainless Steel Florist Bypass Pruner makes tedious trimming easy


Fiskars has developed this florist pruner which cuts 1/2 limbs and has twine cutter and a stem stripper. It's three jobs in one easy to handle tool. The pruner works for both right and left handers, and although I cut and trimmed deadheads from the roses and cut the stalks of the hollyhock, my fingers and thumb never got tired or strained. You also get the choice of non stick coated blades or stainless steel. These pruners are able to do very fine cuts to take out small twigs and branches without mistakenly cutting the decorative leaves or flowers. Sweet! Thanks to Fiskars for sending us in some to review.


At Fiskars 9821 1/2-Inch Cutting Capacity Stainless Steel Florist Bypass Pruner

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November 2, 2009

Peony Sarah Bernhardt is a beautiful classic flower for the garden


It's not too late here in warmer climates to plant some peonies. I love them. They remind me of my grandmother's flower garden and the bright June sun and the huge blooms. I was always fascinated by the ants which crawled over the buds. This Sarah Bernhart Peony is a classic. It is tall when mature and a late season bloomer which will produce tons of flowers.

At Peony Sarah Bernhardt - One 3/5 Eye Rhizome

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